Host-less Oscars: Why It Worked!

No Host? No Big Deal!

The 91st Academy Awards did not have a host. Did anyone care? Not really.

Traditionally, the host adds a bit of humor between the awards.  They jab at the celebrities, maybe introduce some quasi-political discourse and introduce the folks introducing the folks. Is it marginally entertaining? Yes. Is it necessary? No.

Not only was the broadcast a cool 3 hours and 15 min this year, as opposed to the nearly 4 hour runtime of 2018’s broadcast, but the overall tempo of the ceremony seemed much more focused on the contenders. The humor a host adds is sometimes welcome, but it can also divert attention away from the true spirit of the ceremony. The tension is thick when we’re hopping from award to award to award, with few interruptions.

Earning an Academy Award is one of the highest achievements in the art of filmmaking. One-liners from a host who is treating the event like a stand-up special subconsciously cheapens the experience for the viewers and also for the contenders.

Personally, I would say lose the host moving forward.  The whole show is tighter and more interesting without one.

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