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Glam, Glitter, Logan Paul Punched in the Face: Watch the New Valley Girl Trailer

Uh, Totally

As the world comes screeching to a halt and isolation has turned us into scruffy, unshaved cave people, there is one shining beacon of hope on the horizon, and if you look close enough, the shine is definitely from glitter… It’s this year’s remake of the 1983 classic Valley Girl.


In a time where just turning on the news is an act of masochism, Valley Girl offers a bubble gum blast from the past that reminds us of simpler times. The new trailer glimmers and glams with 80’s nostalgia, bright colors and dangerously catchy song and dance numbers. It’s just the escape we need from the icy grip of 2020.



Exciting Cast

Jessica Roth’s spunky valley princess and Josh Whitehouse’s broody rocker are the perfect duo to help us forget what the world has in store for us over the coming months. Valley Girl looks to be the rom com that John Hughes himself would find worthy. Plus, Logan Paul getting punched in the face? Who could ask for more?


Valley Girl is available on digital May 8th.


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