Guest Post on CinemaWays

Why Guest Post?

Guest posting is a great way to contribute to your niche community and a great way to build authority in your field of expertise.  Additionally, guest posting gives you an opportunity to link back to your own site.  This can potentially increase your traffic and further position your content in the larger ecosystem of sites in your niche.

What Would You Post?

That’s largely up to you!  However, the obvious guidelines are:

1) Content somehow related to filmmaking, screenwriting or entertainment news

2) Short reviews of popular movies & TV

3) How-to’s / reference material for people interested in the film business (i.e. How to get a script sold – How to shoot action scenes for cheap – How to get an agent… or anything along those lines.)

4) Original content only (no plagiarized articles, nothing that contains intellectual property you do not own, nothing that has been published elsewhere)

5) Nothing racist, offensive or otherwise unsavory! Duh!

Makes sense, right?  Contact us at and we can start a conversation!

We are trying to build a community on CinemaWays and would love for you to be part of it!